Business Forecasting Service

Our business forecasting service will help you to learn more about your business finances. From providing a long-term financial strategy to short-term growth advice, our systems will be able to help you to predict and protect the financial stability of your business.

Welcome to Business Forecasting

MI Accountancy Solutions offers a unique business forecasting service that will help you to make the right financial decisions for your company.

When you own a business, it is like being a parent.

You created your business from scratch and poured your heart and soul into it, having many sleepless nights in the process.

You watched your business grow and mature, facing setbacks and challenges along the way.

And now you look to the future and wonder what setbacks and financial issues are on the horizon.

But wouldn’t it be better to see those hurdles in advance and be able to plan your business around them?


Your time travelling machine for future proofing your business growth.

Our experienced team can support your business growth by looking into your financial future helping you to plan and solve economic issues that can affect your business.


Our team of specialists we help to build a picture of the financial future of your business on paper.

Helping you to keep your vision of your business on track.

From calculating the cost of upcoming projects to recognising potential financial threats and preparing you to face these.

Our forecasting service will help you to stay on target for increased sales and growth.

Call us today to discuss how we can take help your business.


MI Accountancy Solutions Add Value!

I have been working with MI Accountancy Solutions for the past 2 years and have found them to be extremely professional and helpful.  For a fixed monthly fee I have my monthly management accounts processed, along with my quarterly VAT return and end of year account filing.  In fact they have also helped me through an acquisition and the setting up of finance packages, as well credit control.  This has resulted in achieving an extremely strong debt turn which has aided to reduce my finance costs while also improving cash flow.

Over the last 2 years they have spent a lot of time understanding me and my business, whilst also learning about the complexities of our industry and volume transactions.  This has provided my business with an accountant that has the ability to provide solid management information, and also make further business recommendations and compile monthly analysis on revenue streams and business trends.  Unlike other experiences I have had MI Accountancy Solutions always make themselves available and assist as much or as little as I require.

The whole team have great outlook and are fun to work with, and by partnering with MI Accountancy Solutions I have access to several accountants with different technical abilities and expertise.  Therefore with one phone call I can usually get the information or answer I require, and all for a fixed monthly fee.

Mark – Director | P2P Logistics Ltd

A very personal approach from the whole team, providing exceptional, detailed analysis of performance along with excellent forecasting and advice. With assistance from the MI Accountancy Solutions team we have been able to refinance the group to ensure that it is in a position to move forward and achieve the business strategies. The interest that the team show in our business and understanding they have has helped to really add tangible value.

Keith Herbert & Barry Vize – Directors | TPS Investments Holdings Group

We originally began working with MI Accountancy Solutions on a new client we were looking to provide funding for, which we initially could not get comfortable with, due to the financials and the debtor valuation being ambiguous.

This particular client was a long-established trading business that had historically been profitable, but due to the recession and other competitive pressures were having to work much harder to make the same level of profit and could not work out where the margins were being lost. MI Accountancy Solutions were able to provide a bespoke modelling package that allowed the business to produce pin point MI which was of huge benefit to not only the client but also to us, and most importantly allowed us to unequivocally define and value our asset, which in this case was the debtor book.

Without the thorough and diligent approach taken by MI Accountancy Solutions we would not have been in a position to provide funding and we continue to use MI Accountancy Solutions for new client transactions as well as to assist with our current portfolio.

Sean Thomson – Regional Sales Manager | Aldermor